Bodywork + Energy work + Relaxation = Shiatsu

May All Beings Be Happy. May All Beings be Healthy.

At the intersection of Western biomedicine and Eastern taoist healing traditions is us, our body, our everyday life. We are remarkable machines capable of healing ourselves, and many tools can be used together to support this process. Zen Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that works muscles, joints, and nerves, but also energy within the meridians (known as qi). It encourages release of blockages and brings the body into a relaxed state to encourage self-healing.

A shiatsu session includes rotation of limbs, stretching of muscles, and stimulating points along the meridians of the body, from the head and face down to the toes and fingers. Unlike traditional massage, shiatsu can also be done on a soft futon mat on the floor. You lie down on the mat and the practitioner will engage your body, moving it around as necessary – it is a bit like having yoga done to you.

You do not disrobe for a shiatsu session, whether it’s on a table or a futon mat. Wear soft, comfortable clothing, particularly long pants that go below the knee (workout pants, yoga pants, sweatpants, pajama pants are all fine, you can change into them when you arrive if you prefer.)

Shiatsu can be especially good for managing chronic pain, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, headaches, past injuries, and many subclinical symptoms that disrupt daily life (e.g. digestive issues, seasonal allergies, sleep disturbances, minor aches and weaknesses). Shiatsu complements Western medical treatments for more serious diseases, including managing symptoms and side effects of medications. Rather than looking solely at the one part of the body that hurts or one isolated symptom, we will look at your whole living system and see what is interacting to trigger reactions. I also incorporate breathing, visualization, and meditation work in the session as needed to expand healing potential of the body.

Many people who find traditional massage too vigorous or invasive experience shiatsu as a calming, welcome alternative. The energy channels are located just below the surface of the skin, in the fascia surrounding the muscle, and powerful work can happen with only light contact. However, if you prefer deep pressure and robust forms of bodywork, shiatsu techniques are capable of working in that manner as well.

I specialize in working with people who have never had bodywork, who have previously not enjoyed massage or bodywork, and those who are sensitive to interpersonal contact and connections. I came to shiatsu because of disconnection to my own body and seek to empower others in similar ways. Other areas of treatment interest are: PTSD and trauma, depression, anxiety, creative blocks, and addiction.

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May All Beings Be Happy. May All Beings be Healthy.

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