Shiatsu Sessions:
60-minute treatment: $85
90-minute treatment: $110

Table Massage:
If you prefer a western-style massage on the table with lotion, I provide an integrative session that includes elements of shiatsu, tui na, acupressure & cupping.
60-minute session: $100
90-minute session: $125

Chair Massage:
Looking to bring relaxing shiatsu to your workplace or event?
I’ll bring a massage chair to you! $10 per person for 15 minute sessions. Minimum booking is 1-hour plus $10 travel fee ($20 if outside Buncombe county)


You can book appointments online,

by phone, text, or e-mail: 

(828) 581-9369


Location:  2263 US-70, Swannanoa, NC at the SwannanoaBusinessCenter.com

Payment: Cash, check, or any major credit card are accepted



Package deals:

 – Five Sessions for $325. 

 – Treat a Friend! Purchase two (2) sessions for $125, use one for yourself and one for someone else.

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The Life Changing Shiatsu Experience: A 6 Week Program

In Zen there is the idea of one’s “Original Face” to describe your mind’s true nature when you’re having no thoughts of good or bad. What about our Original Body? Traumatic and life-changing events happen to us over time and lead to physical and mental patterns that once benefitted us, but now keep us stuck in a rut.  Our bodies and life experiences are also constantly sending us messages that call us back to awareness of our original nature, to help find our way back to balance. Shiatsu gives us the tools to read the messages our bodies are sending. I can help guide you into awareness of the common life themes that thread through your physical and emotional symptoms. You can cultivate the resources that will allow you to relate to life in a new and empowering way. Along the way, you may find that many of your physical and emotional symptoms are greatly relieved, and you’ll find that living a life in keeping with your nature will be the best way to safeguard your health for the future. It is never too late to change your life and experience freedom. After even one treatment, you are likely to experience significant benefits, and the first six weeks should bring a dramatic reduction in pain, discomfort and emotional distress. From there, we will partner together to build the skills and awareness you need to maintain freedom and remove any habits that are holding you back.

Treatment consists of committing to one initial 90-minute treatment that includes a detailed intake questionnaire to determine what we will focus on together, followed by five more weekly treatments. The cost is $400 for this series of six treatments. 

Sliding Scale / Barter:

If you cannot afford to pay cash for a shiatsu session, but you have a skill, service, or goods you would like to trade, I am open to discussing alternate forms of payment. I also have a limited number of sessions per month reserved for clients who would benefit greatly from healing bodywork but cannot afford it at this time. Please e-mail mountainzenshiatsu@gmail.com to discuss the possibilities if you fall into either category.

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