Shiatsu looks at the weather of the body the same as the weather around us: hot and cold, dry and wet, always cycling through birth, growth, death, rebirth. The nature of our bodies and the world sometimes seems to change suddenly and rapidly, but if you take a step back, you see patterns and accumulations. We prepare and respond to these changes in all sorts of ways throughout the year: spring cleaning our house, changing from heat to A/C, putting away sweaters and pulling out shorts….later we harvest gardens, knit hats, clean gutters, winterize cars.  The rhythms of the seasons are built into our routines and our to-do lists, but don’t forget that your body benefits from seasonal tune-ups too! Shiatsu treatments help restore even your cells from internal and external weather changes. Taking care of your body preventatively takes a bit of effort, but saves energy and effort later with all the good health and energy you’ll have! I want to make it easier for you, so I offer a Shiatsu 5-Pack Special: Five Sessions for $300. (Regular price: $375 You save 20%!)

This Shiatsu 5-Pack is good for one year from purchase and it’s perfect for treating your body through the seasons – come in 4 times a year plus 1 extra for your birthday! Or keep that 5th treatment on hand for any acute body issues you want to treat with shiatsu – if you make it to December without needing it, give your treatment to a friend or use it for yourself during the stressful holiday times. There are no restrictions to the 5-packs as far as frequency: you can come in for your shiatsu five days in a row, or once a week, or once a month, whatever works for your needs. There are also no limits to how many Shiatsu 5-Packs you buy in a year! Save money and feel good in your body.

Book an appointment today! Email mountainzenshiatsu@gmail or call/text: (828) 581-9369


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