I lead workshops that are a mix of dynamic lecture, interactive exercises, and Q&A.

Shiatsu for Knitters and Crocheters
Do you have pain, stiffness, or numbness in your hands, arms, or shoulders? Raymond Johnson of Mountain Zen Shiatsu leads a session of therapeutic stretches and gentle exercises designed for people who work intensely with their hands. Then he’ll demonstrate how to stimulate acupressure points on yourself to relieve pain and increase circulation. Boost your ability to knit and crochet without pain or injury for years to come!


Healing Yourself with Qi
What is Qi and how does it help your body heal? How does acupuncture, shiatsu, qigong, and tai chi work? Raymond Johnson of Mountain Zen Shiatsu explains the historical, biological, and spiritual meaning of qi, commonly translated as “life force”. Through exercises, acupressure, and self-massage, he’ll demonstrate how to connect with your own Qi and cultivate it to help alleviate pains, boost immunity, increase energy, and encourage your body to heal itself.


End the Suffering of Stress
We are surrounded by stress: Financial strains. Conflicts with friends and family. Long work hours. School tests. Road rage. Studies show even minor stressful events have long-term effects on our health by building up in the body. Hard things will always happen to us, but how you respond to negative experiences today can send you to the doctor years later with severe headaches, neck & back pain, insomnia, anxiety, numbness, mood swings, high blood pressure, and more. This workshop teaches simple relaxation techniques, including breathing and acupressure that can be done anywhere, in only 5 to 15 minutes a day, to help manage chronic stress. You can reverse the toll of stress on your body and mind, prevent disease, and reconnect with enjoying life.


Exercise Your Qi  
30-60 minute sessions that include stretching, movement, breathing, and qi stimulation. Drawing upon qi gong, Masunaga stretches, self-shiatsu, yoga, dance, and more, these classes are both energetic and relaxing and can be done no matter where your body is and what it needs. Every class will feature rotation and opening of joints, stretching muscles, cultivating qi, locating and stimulating acu-points on ourselves, and guided meditation. No two classes are exactly alike! Sequences are based on the seasons, the weather, and the energy and body needs of those in the room.


If you’d like to host a workshop in your home, your community center, or your place of business, call (828) 581-9369 or e-mail mountainzenshiatsu@gmail.com

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