Every season, get an e-mail from me. What will be inside The Mountain Zen Shiatsu Report?

Wellness Resources and Information: I love science, it was my first college degree. I also love the self-empowerment that comes with food healing, folk remedies, qi gong, TCM, and other arenas of “alternative health”. I think wellness and medicine are a complicated dance of the physical and the psychological and the spiritual. I’m a believer and a skeptic. And I read a lot of journal articles, blog posts, textbooks, and scientific research, cross-referencing as I go. I try to speak to the pragmatic person who wants to believe in woo-woo as well as the die-hard holistic practitioner who wants to connect to western medicine clients. Each month, I’ll share links to things I’m reading and contemplating. I’ll also include a round-up of my own recent blog posts, in case you’ve missed anything in the past month.

Workshops and Demonstrations: If you’re in the Western NC area, I lead workshops on topics related to qi, shiatsu, and health. These events are free (or occasionally with a small suggested donation) and it’s a great opportunity to come meet me, see what the work entails, and I’ll send you home with something new you can do for yourself that benefits your own healing and wellness. If I ever travel to other cities with my workshops, I’ll let you know about those too. And during the warm months of festivals and fairs, I’ll be popping up to give free shiatsu samples at booths, so you can mark your calendar for that too.

Coupons! Discounts! My newsletter will feature deals on shiatsu sessions that aren’t limited to first-time clients, so if you just want to save some money on your bodywork, it’s the perfect opportunity to do so.

Here are past issues to peruse:

The MZS Report #1: Spring Green, Mindful Movement, and Scary Salt

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